Understanding Peptides: Your Simple Guide


Peptide hormones are secreted by various endocrine glands. They are synthesized by amino acids and are normally secreted directly to the bloodstream. Being water soluble, peptide hormones take less time to start working as compared to steroid hormones which usually take a while to start functioning in the body.

Peptide hormones are also known as protein hormones and vary widely in size. Peptide hormones basically start the production of a large number of unique hormones which are essential for regulating important functions of the human body. This is the basic reason why they are being commonly used by the bodybuilders to build more muscle.

To get to know more about peptide hormones, it is important to be aware of the various hormones constituted by the peptide hormones.

1. ACTH (Adreno Corticotrophic Hormone):

This hormone is being secreted by the pituitary gland and helps in stimulating adrenal glands. It assists in administering the production of gluco-corticoids as well as growth hormone. It also helps in rebuilding the damaged tissues in the body and acts on muscles, bones and liver. Increased levels of this hormone can cause insomnia, hypertension and osteoporosis etc.

2. ADH (Anti Diuretic Hormone):

This peptide hormone aids the body in fluid retention and stimulates higher levels of blood pressure.

3. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophic):

This hormone helps in increasing testosterone levels in the body.   It can assure increased muscle mass and enhanced strength the body builders hanker after.   However, an excessive level of even this hormone can cause a number of dreadful side effects.   Among these side effects two of the most common and terrible ones are gynecomastia in males and disturbed menstrual cycle in females.

4. Luteneizing Hormone and Follicle Stimulating Hormone:

These hormones are produced by pituitary glands and stimulate gonads.  They are responsible for building the secondary characteristics in males and females.  Moreover, they help female bodies in maturation of ovarian follicles and play a vital role in production of sperms in males.

5. HGH (Human Growth hormones):

Human growth hormones are secreted by the pituitary gland in the human body and are responsible for the development of tissues and the breakdown of proteins and fats in the body.

As the name implies, these hormones are essential for administering growth of human body.  It helps in increasing not just the size of the body cells but also the number of the cells.  This hormone is among the most important hormones used by athletes for increasing muscle mass and enhancing strength.

However, an increased amount of HGH in body can make you suffer from a variety of disorders like hypertension, abnormal growth of hands and feet, increased perspiration, agitation etc.

Apart from these important peptide hormones, there are a number of others as well like EPO, (Erythropoietin) which is a hormone responsible for increasing the number of RBCs (Red Blood Cells) in human body and is normally considered to be effective for enhancing body endurance level.  Some other vital peptide hormones are Gastrin, Prolactin, insulin etc.

Growth hormone is the fountain of youth and as one ages, body produces lesser amounts of growth hormone thus decreasing metabolism rate, muscle recovery, endurance and fitness.

Different variants of Growth hormone releasing peptides offer therapies that can help people in maintaining a steady flow of growth hormone by injecting these drugs to produce artificial stimuli that enhance secretion and production of growth hormone.

This enhanced production of growth hormone improves size and number of muscle cells, increases elasticity thus removing wrinkles, improves fitness, enhances testosterone levels and magnifies endurance of the body. All these are attained with very minor or absolutely no side effects.

Bear in mind that some variants of Growth hormone releasing peptides are designed for professionals and they bring greater results but have many side effects associated with them.   We are specifically talking about GHRP2, which brings enormous gains though they can’t be compared to the gains brought by other drugs.

Growth hormone releasing peptides produce best results when taken under the supervision of doctors, knowing the right combination, dosage amount, frequency, training and rest pattern along with maintaining proper diet demands surveillance of a professional eye. All these factors are important in bringing the desired results.

After the age of 40, growth hormone is produced in very little quantities. This low level of growth hormone affects testosterone levels, causes the accumulation of body fats, and reduces the rate of metabolism and hinders in maintaining blood sugar level.

HGH is generally stacked with other steroids for better results. Also, since most of the athletes have already reached their highest potential in deriving benefits from a specific steroid, small human growth hormone dosages along with other steroids help push the boundaries.    

Due to its role in protein metabolism, HGH has found rapid usage by athletes and bodybuilders for muscle building purposes. Bodybuilders and athletes usually prefer the use of HGH because it is considered to be safer, especially when taken in recommended

Older studies conducted on HGH dosages recommend 16.5 IU (international units) of HGH distributed in 3 doses during the week.   However, such a dosage is considered to be high and is reported to increase the probability of side effects.

Modern physicians recommend lowered doses such as 4-8 IU every week distributed into 2 doses every day for a period of 6 days.  Doctors also teach patients in injecting themselves with HGH early in the morning and at night.  On the 7th day, HGH injections are not suggested.

Also, some doctors have been reported to prescribe very low HGH doses at the start such as 0.5 IU for a day.  This dosage is gradually increased in an increment of 0.5 IU per month.

Side Effects

The side effects of HGH are believed to be visible with a dosage of 2 IU or higher.  The most common side effect is the thickening of bones of forehead and hands, the enlargement of body organs like the heart and kidney and increased chances of hypoglycemia.  The consumption of HGH is also believed to be linked with increased insulin resistance thereby resulting in diabetes in the user.

Global IGF-1   

Insulin like growth factor, commonly known as Global IGF-1, is a performance enhancing experimental drug mostly used by bodybuilders.  This drug directly affects muscles, cartilage bones, lungs, liver, nerves and skin.  It is also found to have significant influence on cell development and growth.

Global IGF-1 is said to deliver the following benefits;

⦁    Beneficial for health

⦁    Helps in muscle growth

⦁    Rejuvenates nerve cells

⦁    Helps reduce fat and protein breakdown and makes protein transportation into cells easier

⦁    Produces lymphocytes

⦁    Reduces levels of bad cholesterol in the blood

As a result of weight training, new muscle cells are developed and this process is known as hypertrophy.  When global IGF-1 is consumed, it helps in growth of muscle fibers by splitting muscle cells. This process is called hyperplasia. Hypertrophy combined with hyperplasia gives a new strength to muscles.  

Moreover, it also makes the recovery and repair of injured muscles quick. This is the reason this drug is getting popularity among bodybuilders.  Although it is an experimental drug, yet the expectations from this drug are high.

Global IGF-1 is injected directly into the muscles and the best part about this drug is that it is undetectable by both urine test and blood test.

In a nutshell, this amazing drug provides perpetual muscle growth, anti-aging, and muscle repair without getting detected.


Glotropin is a human growth hormone which stimulates increased production of body’s natural hormones like insulin. Its chemical composition includes about 191 amino acids bound together.

Glotropin has several advantages:

⦁    Stimulates body cells to divide faster and grow in size

⦁    Increases protein synthesis

⦁    Increases muscular mass

⦁    Enhances body’s ability to use up fats and decreases carbohydrate breakdown. This is important, since carbohydrate storage in muscles needs to be maintained, if muscular body is required. Therefore, glotropin intake reduces body’s fat deposition.

⦁    Strengthens body tissues

⦁    Provides faster recovery from injuries

Dosage of glotropin varies from person to person. The hormone may be taken daily or thrice a week. It all depends on your body size and weight.

Apart from the above mentioned advantages, like every steroid, glotropin has its bleak side as well:

⦁    Bone deformations

⦁    Improper functioning of thyroid gland

⦁    Acne

⦁    Liver malfunctioning due to excessive stimulation

⦁    Head ache and nausea

⦁    May give physical build, but it cannot give much internal body strength. Therefore, it is often stated that the effects of this hormone are merely for show and not internal

⦁    Water Retention

⦁    Unnatural hair growth


Insulin is a hormone naturally produced by pancreas in human body. This hormone works to keep the blood glucose level within an acceptable range. Insulin works by converting excessive sugar in our blood into glycogen, and hence depositing it in muscle tissues. Therefore, increased secretion of insulin provides a favorable environment for muscle build up.

Mechanism: It is important to feed your body with sufficient amount of carbohydrates and proteins to avoid breakdown of your muscular storage. Researchers have deduced that after vigorous workout, human body is more likely to breakdown carbohydrates than fats to meet the increasing need of energy.  To avoid muscular mass getting broken down, an insulin shot just after exercise will help your body retain its carbohydrate storage in the muscles and instead force it to break fats down to meet body demands.

Side effects of insulin:

⦁    Improper dosage can lead to fat deposition in body muscles.

⦁    Insulin injection can hinder the natural production of this hormone within our body. If this situation occurs, blood insulin level can increase. This will directly lead to diabetes.

⦁    An increased level of insulin might result in a drastic reduction in blood glucose level. This can result in coma, brain damage or even death.

⦁    Therefore, insulin is a useful hormone if used with care.