Stay Safe: Liver Protection


The intense amounts of bodybuilding training with food, anabolic steroids and supplements can often take its toll on the liver.

A healthy liver is required for building muscles and losing extra fats as it’s responsible for maintaining fats and protein transformation and refining the toxins in the body.

Bodybuilders are well aware of the importance of a healthy liver in the muscle building method; therefore, it’s necessary that they maintain a healthy liver by taking few necessary precautions.

Oral steroids are very hard on the liver.   Some bodybuilders and athletes take many drugs a day that can negatively impact their livers.  Hence, injectable steroids are used by mainstream bodybuilders as they put less stress on the liver as compared to oral steroids.

Some painkillers i.e. Percocet, commonly used antibiotics, cholesterol medications and acetaminophen should not be used while on a cycle; they’re liver killers.

Avoiding tobacco and alcohol is also a must for keeping a liver healthy.   Other than that bodybuilders are also recommended to sleep well as the liver and immune system play the most important role in creating a synergistic effect.

Bodybuilders should also avoid taking lots of proteins in their daily diet. Protein intake above 350gms should be strictly avoided. Exercising can help in relieving stress and nurturing a healthy liver.

Some supplements that help in maintaining the liver in a good condition while on a cycle are:  Milk thistle, NAC and Essentiale.  Milk thistle is a common supplement for liver health.

NAC works by reducing the potency of bodybuilding steroids and protect the liver from detoxification.  

Essentiale is used for the treatment of liver damage due to medicines or alcohol.

Bodybuilders are highly recommended to use these supplements while on their cycle; they’re found to be the most effective liver health supplements today.

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